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Oysters & Ko at the Louviers Christmas market

As every year at Christmas time, the company Huîtres & Ko was present at the Christmas market of Louviers from December 14th to 19th.
On the spot it was possible to taste the special Krystale oysters as well as the fine oysters. A large number of customers were present to buy their oyster basket before the holidays.

Krystale oysters at the Rouen exhibition centre

On the last day of the Fêno (the festival of Norman excellence) in September 2021, we had the honour of meeting Amandine Petit, our Miss France 2021 who absolutely wanted to taste our oysters. Hervé Morin, the president of the regional council of Normandy was also present.

Huitres&Ko receives the Prix d’Excellence Paris 2019

The Prize of Excellence of the General Agricultural Competition has been awarded since its creation in 2000, to the producers who have obtained the best results in their product or wine category, during the last 3 editions of the General Agricultural Competition.

Unlike medals that distinguish the quality of a product for a given year, the Excellence Award attests to the mastery of a company’s or producer’s know-how, enabling it to guarantee a high degree of consistency in the excellence of its production.

“Receiving an Excellence Award is the “grail” coveted by all producers and companies committed to the permanent quest for the best of taste. Today, this is the highest distinction that can be obtained by a production team that has made excellence an ambition and commitment without compromise. As an instrument to encourage producers, the Excellence Award is also a valuable reference point for professional buyers and importers in many foreign markets,” comments Benoît Tarche, General Commissioner of the General Agricultural Competition.

3 medals for the Krystale Oysters

The Krystale oyster was awarded at the 2019 Paris General Competition in the following categories:

– Gold medal Special Oysters Normandy 2019
– Gold medal Special Oysters South Brittany 2019
– Silver medal Special Oysters North Brittany 2019

Three medals which reward the quality of the Krystale oysters but also the work and passion of the K’Dual family for several years.

Krystale au salon Seafood à Bruxelles

seafoodexpo_intl_horiz_4cHuîtres & Ko sera présent au Salon du Seafood à Bruxelles. Nous aurons le plaisir de vous accueillir sur notre stand du 07 mai au 09 mai 2019. A cette occasion vous pourrez déguster nos produits : les huîtres Krystale.

Stand 1501-8/9 CULTIMER – HALL 7 – PAVILLON France

“L’huître Krystale, l’huître suspendue…

Le reportage du “Triporteur” vous invite à une visite dans les parcs où sont élevés les huîtres Krystale…
Découvrez le terroir, les producteurs et régalez-vous d’une recette originale concoctée par le chef de l’Auberge de l’Abbaye à Hambye…”

Krystale oysters on the menu at the Grand Hôtel du Lac in Vevey

logo-grand-hotel-du-lacSpéciale Krystale’ Pacific oysters on the menu at La Véranda restaurant. Served with lemon, shallot vinegar and toasted rustic bread, come along and taste them if you live in the Vevey area or if you are passing through.

Gold medal 2015 for Krystale oysters

medaille-or-2015The Krystale oyster came top of its category ‘Oysters from Normandy – Special Pacific oysters from Normandy’ – at the 2015 Concours Général de Paris 2015. This award is an acknowledgement of the quality of Krystale oysters as well as the many years of work and dedication of the K’Dual family. Find out more about the Concours Général de Paris