Krystale Mussels

Subtle-flavoured mussels with a soft texture

You about to experience an exceptional moment. You are about to experience the Krystale magic…
Imagine a smooth shell with a pearlescent shimmer
and delightfully generous flesh with warm yellowy-orange tones.
Notice the delicately soft, creamy texture, the subtle yet
powerful flavour, iodised aromas and the touch of sweetness.
Your mussel is a Krystale mussel…


Mini food-lovers’ guide to tasting Krystale mussels

Wash your mussels carefully
and prepare according to your fancy.
With or without a sauce?
Traditional or original?
Quick or gourmet recipe?
Set the table for dinner or supper;
formal or informal presentations work.
Once ready, serve quickly and enjoy, alone or with friends.

We wish you Bon appétit!

To obtain our magnificent Krystale mussels

• We are careful to ensure a controlled supply of spat (spawn) and very early on avoid any competition between organisms.
• We continue to care for them in small batches to ensure sublime quality.
• We provide them with the optimum nutritional inputs to ensure consistency in flesh and size at every season.